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    I rode the 16 miles between Ottawa and Richmond with my 11 year old daughter last weekend. I read the description of that section which described the increase in elevation as imperceptible. I guess I’m old and out of shape, because I definitely knew I was going uphill the entire time. There was no coasting or rest of any kind, the whole way just pushing against the wind and the slight grade. I must say the others we saw on the trail were not having as hard a time as we, but to be fair, except for one, they were all going in the opposite direction…downhill and with a tailwind. Still, it was a good training ride as we prepare for the Katy Trail. We’ll probably be back to ride other sections of this trail. I didn’t factor in the wind when deciding which direction to go. If there is a next time, we will definitely take this into consideration as I suspect the wind is a constant in Kansas.

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