The Prairie Spirit Trail is well-known for its historic sites, scenery, and wildlife. Since most trail user travel with a camera and/or smartphone, over time, quite a collection of images of the Prairie Spirit Trail have been contributed by users and editors of this web site, and we’re proud to share them here!


A Few Random Photos

  • Bicycle Touring Through Colony 2014
    Bicycle Touring Through Colony 2014
  • Old Welda Overpass
    Old Welda Overpass
  • Ready To Ride
    Ready To Ride
  • Pre-Southwind Corridor
    Pre-Southwind Corridor
  • Garnett Trailhead
    Garnett Trailhead
  • Richmond Shelter
    Richmond Shelter
  • Prairie Spirit Trail Cactus
    Prairie Spirit Trail Cactus
  • 94th Parallel
    94th Parallel


Photos by City



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