This is a Bike/Ped Trail

No unauthorized motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. Any vehicle left parked in such a manner that it creates a safety hazard on the trail right-of-way may be towed at the owner’s expense. Motorized wheel chairs are considered an authorized motor vehicle for handicap accessibility. Vehicles parked on the trail, parked blocking trail access, left parked in a trail parking lot after 1 11pm without authorization, or unlawfully driven on the trail will be towed and impounded at owner’s expense.

Horses are NOT permitted on the trail.


No Hunting

No hunting, target practice, or unlawful discharge of a firearm is allowed on any part of the trail corridor. (KDWPT Reg 115-8-1)


No Trespassing

Visitors are not to leave the trail corridor and travel onto private property without landowner permission.


Operating Hours

The trail is open during daylight hours only outside the city limits of Ottawa, Garnett, and Iola.


Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for safe travel:

  • Visitors must stop at all road crossings and yield to road traffic.
  • Do not climb on bridges or throw items from bridges.
  • Please stay to the right and pass on the left
  • Watch for trail hazards such as soft spots or rough places in the trail.
  • Stay off the trail shoulders, they are soft and could result in a fall.


Other Rules

  • All litter must be disposed of properly.
  • No camping is allowed on the trail.
  • Ground fires are prohibited on trail.
  • Bikes must stay on designated trail.
  • Bike riders must yield to hikers on the trail.
  • Leave no trace. Carry out at much as you carry in.


Trail Courtesy

Common trail courtesies include staying to the right and passing on the left, gaining the attention of travelers before passing them from behind, and not passing trail maintenance equipment until you are motioned to do so. Cyclists and skaters are encouraged to wear helmets.



Violators may be placed under arrest or issued a citation that requires a court appearance for permit or vehicle violations.