Scipio ChurchScipio is a tiny hamlet in Anderson County.

There is no trailhead for Scipio, but the crossing of Scipio Road, and the view of Saint Boniface Catholic Church high on a hill to the east of the trail makes the intersection unforgettable. Taking a short detail to tour the historic country church is worth the side trip.

Directions North and South From Scipio

Heading north past Scipio Road, there’s a gradual climb towards Richmond. You will know you’re close when the trail takes a sharp left curve, then passes through the tunnel under Highway 59 near the edge of town.


Riding south, you’ll come to the first of two bridges over Pottawatomie Creek. As you pass the second bridge you will start to notice a slight grade uphill that will continue until you reach Garnett. Off to your left the terrain drops precipitously for a beautiful vista over the tops of the trees. As you break through the trees you will see Lake Garnett signaling your entry into Garnett.


Services along the Prairie Spirit Trail in Scipio

PhotoService, Address, PhoneServices
Scipio Supper ClubScipio Supper Club
32465 NE Neosho Road, Scipio, KS 66080
St. Boniface Catholic ChurchSt. Boniface Catholic Church
32320 NE Norton Road, Scipio, 66032


Scipio Photos

  • Deadfall
  • Flowers Just South of Scipio Road
    Flowers Just South of Scipio Road


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