Prairie Spirit Trail Birthday Bash March 21 in Garnett

Come celebrate the Prairie Spirit Trail’s 22nd birthday, with a buffet dinner in Garnett, on March 21st at 6pm.

Winter Facility Closures

Trail water and restroom facilities are being shut down for the winter, but that’s no reason to stop riding!

2017 Prairie Spirit Trail Challenge Results

Iola has once again been crowned the Prairie Spirit Trail Challenge Champion, in this annual summer competition of communities along the Prairie Spirit Trail.

How the Prairie Spirit Trail Contributes to a Culture of Health
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The Prairie Spirit Trail began an amazing period of trail-building and community activism that has led to Allen County being awarded the prestigious national ‘Culture of Health’ prize.

Prairie Spirit Trail Challenge: May 2017

With one month of the National Bike Challenge completed, here are the rankings for communities along the Prairie Spirit Trail.

2017 Prairie Spirit Trail Challenge

The Prairie Spirit Trail Challenge allows communities along the trail to compete in the National Bike Challenge. Sign up and log those miles! Who’s going to be the top trail town this year?

Spring 2017 Restroom and Water Schedule

Prairie Spirit Trail restrooms and water at the trailheads are opening by April 15th.

Opening Day for Trails 2017

The annual Opening Day for Trails event is a nice reminder to get out and enjoy our wonderful Prairie Spirit Trail!

Photos and News From the 2017 Prairie Spirit Trail Birthday Bash

The Prairie Spirit Trail’s 21st birthday was celebrated in grand style in Garnett, with news and updates from communities along the trail.

Happy 21st Birthday to the Prairie Spirit Trail

The Friends of the Prairie Spirit Trail are holding a 21st Birthday Bash on Wednesday, March 22nd in Garnett. The Prairie Spirit Trail officially opened on March 30, 1996. The trail was built upon what was once the LL&G (Leavenworth, … Read More

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