Bassett (Mile Marker 110.7) is an old factory town, built to support the Lehigh Portland Cement Company, which had a massive plant here. When the plant closed in 1970, the town, which had been in decline for many years, essentially died as well. Although the town still exists on paper (population 14 as of 2010), and still has a few houses, it has no services, and no trailhead.

However, when the Lehigh Portland Trails are completed, Bassett will be the point at which the Southwind Rail Trail connects to the new trail system.

Directions North and South From Bassett

The distance between Bassett and Iola is very short, but this segment features the most impressive bridge along the entire corridor, the magnificent Elm Creek Bridge.


The Southwind Rail Trail between Bassett and Humboldt is mostly tree-lined, and features a picnic shelter at about the halfway point. Also, note the many relics of the trail’s railroad history, such as signaling stands and switchboxes.


Bassett Photos

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