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    Planning on bringing our tandem to ride on trail, our question is do we both have to have pass and where do we purchase them?

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    Randy Rasa
    Randy Rasa

    Good question! According to

    A separate per-person trail pass is required to use the trail for persons 16 years of age and over, except in the city limits of Iola, Garnett and Ottawa. $3.50 self-issue day permits are available at trailheads. Annual permits are available for $12.15 where KDWPT licenses and permits are sold.

    So yes, it’s a per-person fee, and not a per-bike fee. There are self-pay envelopes at most of the trailheads; just fill in the info (bring a pen if you can, as these often disappear), put your money in the envelope, and drop it in the lock-box, keeping the tear-off portion as a receipt.

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    Thanks for info, Randy!!

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    I have tried to ride the trail twice this summer but the envelopes were not available at the trail. What does one do if they are not available? I even drove the eight miles to the next section and the envelopes were not available at that site either.

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