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      Is there a safe place to park my car overnight next to or nearby the Ottawa trailhead?

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      Timon of Athens

      If you are talking about the Ottawa Depot, there is a nice parking lot there that you are allowed to use overnight.

      At the actual trailhead on the south side of town, I believe it is the same. Somebody please contradict me if you know differently.

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      I was looking at the rules and regulations page and it notes that over night parking isn’t allowed. Is this correct? I don’t want to be ticketed…

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      Randy Rasa

      Your best bet is to contact the local police department (there’s a list here), or call the KDWPT at 785-448-6767.

      I’d like to see cities provide marked locations for overnight parking, but I’m not sure if any do. In general, they’re fine with it, as long as they know about it.

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