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      With all of the rain, I am curious as to the softness of the trail. I am especially curious about the stretch from Ottawa to Garnett or Welda. Any recent riders with information?

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      Randy Rasa

      According to Jason Holbert on Facebook: “It’s surprisingly good. I biked the entire thing Monday-Tuesday this week, Humboldt included. It’s not even soft. Saw several guys from KDWP working on it, too.”

      In general, immediately after a rain (or a snow melt), the trail is going to be soft, and bike tires will create ruts. After a day or so of sun and/or wind, the surface firms up very quickly. It hasn’t rained much in a while, so it should be good to go!

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      Timon of Athens

      Hi Ron!

      I rode Ottawa to Richmond and back this morning. In general, the trail condition was great. There were only 2 things that you need to look out for.

      1) Between MM 63 and MM 64 the are two cracks in the middle of the trail about 6 inches long and 2 or 3 inches wide. There are not going to swallow you up but might make yo lose control if you are not paying attention.

      2) 1/2 a mile north of Richmond there is a downed tree. It’s an easy portage and you can see it from a long way off.

      Hope these help.

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