New Trail Connection Coming to Iola

At the southern end of the Prairie Spirit Trail, Iola is adding a new trail link to connect the Southwind Rail Trail to the new Lehigh Portland Trails.

Riders at the Garnett Depot

Lots of riders out on the Prairie Spirit Trail in Garnett enjoying some brilliant early-autumn weather this past weekend!

New Prairie Spirit Trail Signs in Iola

Iola has recently added new signs along the Prairie Spirit Trail. The new signs provide visitors with information to help find services, amenities, and major landmarks.

Tire popping tunnel lip in Richmond fixed!

The tunnel that goes under 59 at Richmond has always had some difficulties. Standing water, washouts, and especially a tall lip on  the entrance. Trent lets us know that it has been fixed. Your tires are safe people, get out … Read More

Trail Update with Trent

This is a great time of year in Kansas as the weather is comfortable to be outside exercising and the trees are changing colors, as well as there are still some fall flowers showing colors along the trail. The trail … Read More

Restrooms closed for the season

Our friend Trent McCown lets us know that the restrooms along the trail have been closed for the season. They usually close in November but weather allowed them to stay open a little longer this year. Look for them again … Read More

Iola Extension Officially Opens

According to Clark Coan at the Sunflower Rail-Trails Conservancy: “David Toland with Thrive Allen County reports that the new section of the Prairie Spirit Trail within the city limits of Iola is now complete. Asphalt has been laid and a … Read More

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