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Allen County Receives Trail Grants

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thrive-logo-300x300David Toland with Thrive Allen County reports the following:

“The Sunflower Foundation has approved a $22,818 grant to build the Prairie Spirit Trail Extension from Humboldt to Iola. The Health Care Foundation of Greater KC has also approved the matching grant.

The Sunflower grant will complete 4 of the 6.5 miles of the trail. We will be working with the county to encourage them to use their resources to complete the last 2.5 miles to K-224. The county commission has generally been very supportive of this effort.

The Westar Green Team is very interested in doing this project, and they did a full trip up the trail with a group of Humboldt and Iola volunteers about two months ago. They were excited about the potential, and felt that the trail was in much better condition that they expected or as compared to other trail projects they’ve done around the state.”

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