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Detour between Welda and Colony

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weldadetourFrom the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website: “Work has started on a bridge replacement project south of Welda in Anderson County on Highway 169, just north of 900 Road. The Kansas Department of Transportation is removing a highway bridge, which travels over the trail, and completing other associated road construction as they work to lessen the highway curve at this location. The work will cause a small section of the trail to be closed for at least one year. Two alternate routes will be available to go around the construction. Both will be on county roads. The recommended trail route will be marked and it is approximately 4 miles on county roads. This adds about 3 miles to the distance between Welda and Colony, but theses are seldom-used roads with minimal traffic. A second route, which is available but not recommended due to high traffic, will follow the local traffic/highway detour route around the bridgework. This route adds less than 1 mile of travel, but it will be on a road with high traffic use and not signed for bike or pedestrian travel. KDOT will be routing truck traffic onto Highway 59 through Moran to avoid frequent truck traffic on this section of Highway 169, but a significant amount of traffic will still use the Highway detour.

A trail detour map will be posted at the self-pay station in Welda and Colony to allow visitors to familiarize themselves with the route. I also hope to have a map available on the web site soon which will also show the detour. KDOT will be signing this route and signs should be in place soon.”

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