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A new trail system at the southern end of the Prairie Spirit Trail: Lehigh Portland Trails

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The Lehigh Portland Trails are now officially open in Iola, with a unique mixture of wide gravel trails and narrow singletrack trails, over 7.5 miles in total.

The easiest way to access the trails, from the Prairie Spirit Trail, is to head south on the Southwind Rail Trail from Riverside Park (the southern end of the Prairie Spirit Trail). Cross the Trestle Bridge over Elm Creek, then take a left. A connector trail takes you beneath State Street, along Elm Creek, and through Elm Creek Park South, to Washington Avenue and the Lehigh Portland Trails western trailhead. The Lehigh Backbone Trail leads east, where it connects to the rest of the Lehigh system.

You can also access the Lehigh Portland Trails from the eastern trailhead, located at 1600th and Nebraska. Ride (or drive) through Iola to Kentucky Street, hang a left on Nevada Road, then a right on 1700th, and a right onto Nebraska Road. At the end of Nebraska you’ll find a gravel parking lot, with trails branching off from there.

Ride, run, hike, picnic, or just sit and take in the beauty of 100+ acres of rugged woodlands, lively prairie, and scenic views of the lovely spring-fed quarry lake.

Learn more about the Lehigh Portland Trails.

View a Lehigh Portland Trails map: PDF or interactive map.


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