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Plan Ahead For Winter Travel on the Prairie Spirit Trail

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With the oncoming winter, restrooms and water sources are being shut down. If you’re riding the trail (and yes, lots of people do, even in the cold!), be sure to plan carefully and carry enough fluids.

Message from Prairie Spirit Trail Manager Trent McCown:

It is that time of year again when trailhead restrooms are being closed down and water shut off ahead of the dropping temperatures.

Richmond is now closed and the fountain has been turned off for the winter. Princeton, Welda, and Colony restrooms will remain open until December 01, but water is currently being turned off at those locations. The Carlyle restroom will remain open until December 01. ( Carlyle does not have water available normally.)

Restrooms will reopen in April.

The Garnett Depot will remain open as normal, and restrooms are available.

Of course, convenience stores, restaurants, and retail stores will remain open in Ottawa, Richmond, Garnett, Colony, Iola, and Humboldt.


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