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Trail to be extended to Humboldt?

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From Kansas Cyclist

Efforts are underway to extend the 51-mile Prairie Spirit Trail from Iola to Humboldt. Sunflower Rail-Trails Conservancy assumed railbanking custodianship of the 6.5-mile out-of-service rail corridor in January. A series of informational meetings will be held in Humboldt this summer to inform the public and solicit input. A project development plan will be prepared.

“The excitement for this trail in Humboldt and Iola is very tangible, says Larry Ross, SRTC president.“One idea to promote the trail is for the mayors and middle students of each town to walk to the middle of the trail for a joint celebration.” The current plan calls for development of the trail using local resources and volunteer labor. Then the trail can be turned over to public agency which can manage and maintain it.

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