rebelLT, 2012-07-27 14:03:58
The wife and I rode from Iola to Chanute early Saturday Morning. This was first ride on this trail and we started out at about 06:00 to avoid the heat. I was surprised at how well maintained the trailheads and bathrooms were along the trail. I found that the surface of the trail is cracking due to ground shifting/shrinkage under the aggregate. I almost lost my bike a couple of times riding into one of these cracks so be careful and watch for these things. I found they covered most of the trail distance that I rode that day. Not a reflection of the trail so much as the hot and dry weather we have had this year. I rode on a set of Kenda Kwest tires and they did just fine with no flats or wipe outs. My wife, who doesn’t ride much, bonked at Garnett, though that was OK because that was pretty good for someone who rarely rides. I am going to try again the first weekend of August. If I make it to Ottawa by 10:00 I might consider riding on the Big O.
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