arisden, 2013-09-01 20:50:24
My FB Post:

I learned some things today. As we age, padding from our behinds goes to our mid-sections. I have a seat that is soft as a marshmallow but for some reason I still had to get it surgically removed at the end of the ride. My muscles w/o much training feel fine. It everything hooking them together that needs work. And….happiness is making it to the mid-way point and finding the wind at your back on the return trip. NOT so today. All the way back – in my face, although not a strong wind but enough to make me go to lower gears. The good news is, I made it back before the sun set. And, the stops along the way are tremendous. First of all – the restrooms are open. They are clean and all drinking fountains work. Many accolades to whoever maintains this trail.

Now this post:

So to the people who maintain the trail….many many thanks for your efforts. I really enjoyed the trip. I’ll be back.

kretzmeier, 2013-09-02 13:01:52
I hope your first ride will lead to more rides on the trail in the future for you. Yes, the mid-way point, if you are like me, many rides start out motivated by optimism and finished up motivated by necessity.
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