kretzmeier, 2011-12-31 16:27:03
I usually put my bike up for the year at the end of October. This year for several reasons I hadn’t. Here comes the last day of the year and the weather, while a bit windy, is sunny and in the 60’s. I just had to get one more use out of that 2011 Trail permit! It was really neat to ride the trail on Dec. 31st. I rode north of Carlye with my daughter. I was able to take a winter photo of the Lumberman’s Cement remains. Maybe Timon can put it to use. It will be my work, not weather that will now keep me off the trail til May. Darn it anyway, but how grateful I am for today.
Timon of Athens, 2011-12-31 19:25:08
Glad you were able to get a ride in today, Jay. Wish that I could have been there.

As for your picture, it has made the Lumberman’s page finally possible. You can find it off the Carlyle page.

Happy New Year!


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