rebelLT, 2013-01-28 21:12:15
Anyone have any idea when the Humboldt extension of the trail will be complete? I am trying to plan some training rides toward the end of March or maybe early April. Will probably ride the trans am west to Chanute and jump off toward Humboldt and eventually the prairie spirit. I tentatively plan on camping at one of the lakes in Garnett then north to Ottawa and Big O before heading back south or if I have enough time to Lawrence then back south. Just depends on how much time I can take off from work. I see that the services section of the page shows that there is camping at the two lakes in Chanute. Anyone ever camped there? How are the services etc and ANY suggestions for Garnett.


kretzmeier, 2013-01-30 17:15:24
The Southwind volunteers have organized their efforts to have the trail completed by June 1, 2013 which is National Trail Day. The trail is now completely cleared close to 14 ft. wide and a road grader has traveled the distance. The two bridges are navigable. It could actually be traveled now. Gravel screenings have not yet been laid. There is no signage. It would be well suited for a mountain bike, reasonably suited for a hybrid, and poorly suited for a road bike. The trail at this point continues under the control of the Kansas Rail-Trails Conservancy, Inc. A person would certainly travel at their own risk. There remain a limited number of adjacent landowners who have some disagreement with the trail and could possibly offer an objection to any passer-by.
JD_Shawnee, 2013-01-31 07:36:56
Humboldt: camping allowed at Hunter Community Park in SW part of town toward the river. $5/night; permits obtained at the city hall (weekday) or water-dept (after-hours) near the bridge.

Garnett: wilderness camping allowed at north end of Lake Garnett north of town near the PST. $9/night for non-residents; pay at site? No wilderness camping at the smaller Crystal Lake (south of town) without special permission.

Also, check Randy’s Kansas Cyclist site for camping info.

DirtBum, 2013-01-31 07:59:23
I wrote up the camping options along the PST here:

The links in the article lead to detail pages for each campsite, some with photos.

There are self-pay boxes at the camping area in Garnett. In October, I took a little tour from Olathe to Chanute. On the first night I camped at Cedar Valley Reservoir (it has self-pay boxes, too). Second night I camped at the Santa Fe Safari Campground in Chanute (free). Both were fine. The CVR is more remote and quiet (but no amenities), while the SFSC has easy access to food and water, but more noise and light pollution.

BTW, I also biked the entire length of the Southwind Rail Trail at that time, and it was almost completely rideable then, even on a loaded touring bike. It’s a beautiful route.


rebelLT, 2013-01-31 20:01:11
Thanks for the information. The Southwind trail shouldn’t be a problem as my rig is and old rigid frame mountain bike converted for touring with 26 x1.75 tires. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a monthly bike camping ride at some of the trail towns to demonstrate the economic potential of bikers on the trail and prompt them to invest in facilities. The city of pittsburg recently built a new set of facilities for trans am riders passing through there and it is a good model other towns could use to attract bike tourism. I like jumping on rail trails whenever possible. But then again I am more of a tourist than a milage freek. I will get there whenever. Anyway. Can’t wait for warm weather to hit the road again. I will post again when I plan to be on the trail if anyone cares to join me.
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