Timon of Athens, 2012-06-27 05:03:48
Seriously, take a lot of water if you’re out this week.
my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-06-27 12:18:28
My friend, you are not kidding. Per weather.com, it’s 105 degrees tomorrow and Friday. Other forecasts vary slightly, but the common thread is that it’s freakin hot. Rode 28 miles yesterday – on some fairly well-sheltered trails no less – and still needed to refill water bottles a couple times.

I’m planning an Ottawa-Iola-Ottawa ride this weekend (100 degrees both days). That’s going to be a sweatfest πŸ™‚

Timon of Athens, 2012-06-27 12:49:21
I have done about 1/2 that ride in similar circumstances. I drank a lot of water but I think my electrolytes got out of whack. I got very light headed and did not feel well. Do both of us a favor and stop for Gatorade at R&B’s in Richmond and Colony Food & Sundries in Colony.

Good luck and listen to your body.

my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-06-27 13:06:19
Thanks man, appreciate it.

To clarify – I’ll be doing the full 100ish miles over two days. I’m still not (yet!) in the shape to do a full century. Ottawa-Iola on Saturday; Iola-Ottawa on Sunday. Will definitely be monitoring health closely πŸ™‚

JD_Shawnee, 2012-06-29 09:12:17
A big hot-weather advantage of the PSRT is its trailhead water outlets. Not just for drinking, but also for cooling down our head and shoulders, like the racing and touring bicyclists often do. Seems like I use the one at Welda the most often, usually when I’m returning to Garnett from a morning ride further south. Yet, the other trailhead outlets are excellent too.

The Welda one has a spigot in addition to its drinking fountain, and its water is always fairly cool. It’s easy to cup my hands under the spigot and then splashdown my head on hot afternoons. Later, after a five-minute cool-down rest, I’m ready to go on, revived. Generally, I save the ice-water in my thermos-bag for drinking during my vehicle ride back home. πŸ™‚

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