my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-03-07 12:09:01
Hello all, wanted to make quick intro.

I just joined the site today although I’ve been visiting for a while.

I live in Ottawa and took up cycling some months ago as a means to lose weight. I was very out of shape – still am, but getting there. I found that I have a love for cycling. I’m planning to bike the full PST by June 30th, stay overnight in Iola area, and bike back the next day. For many of you here this wouldn’t be a major accomplishment, but trust me, for me it’s huge 🙂 Then, by November 30th, I plan to bike the full Katy Trail (one way only).

I have a cycling blog which has been a little light on updates lately due to weather and also because I caught a cold/flu and have been unable to ride for some time. If you care to check it out, it’s .

I wanted also to make sure you were ok with the manner in which I “borrowed” the trail map to the left, for my initial PST page. If you aren’t ok with this, I understand, I will change it!

Anyway – just wanted to introduce myself and say hello, I LOVE this hobby, and I’m looking forward to “meeting” folks here (either in real life or only on the boards). See you out there!


Timon of Athens, 2012-03-07 16:36:09
Hello My_Bike!

Welcome to the forums. Good to see that you’ve stepped up from lurking. I am looking forward to what you have to say from an Ottawan’s perspective.

A trip up and down the PST is quite an accomplishment in its own right, glad to see that you are preparing yourself for it. As I tell my wife, “All you have to do is keep pedaling.” I would shoot for an calm overcast day or a day that predicts highs in the 70s or lower 80s. It really makes the route shorter, especially between Welda and Colony where there is NO cover.

As for your KATY trip, I have been at many times of the year, but the best was when I went last year in early October. Perfect temperature and the leaves had just changed an were starting to fall, but not enough to make the trail covered and slippery. If you need recommendations for placed to stay, I can name a few places.

I have looked at your blog and quite enjoyed it. I have not seen your use of the map graphic. If your could post a direct link, I can check it out and give you an okay. The graphic was created for this site but is about to change. I am getting ready to add in the extension to Humboldt.


my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-03-07 16:53:28

Thanks for the suggestions on the PST ride. I’ll take them 🙂 I’ve been doing a fair amount of research in preparation, much of it on your great site here.

RE the Katy trip – exactly the timing I had in mind. My goal is to have it done by 11/30, but I’ve been fairly sure that I will go during the month of October. Does sound like a great time for that route.

RE the direct link to the page on the site – here it is: . I wanted to make sure you were cool with the graphic (which obviously borrows from yours here), but if you aren’t, I’ll change it.

Once again, thanks for your great site, and looking forward to contributing here & interacting!


Timon of Athens, 2012-03-07 18:24:51
Thanks for the kudos.

I have no problem with you using the graphic you have there.

As to the Katy, it’s getting hard to predict the weather but you might want to make sure that you double check the services if you get any later than mid-October. Lots of services start to close down for the season. The trail restrooms closed November 2nd last year. is great to check for trail closures. It’s good to know because they can throw a MAJOR monkey wrench into your day. Of course, is indispensable.

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