Timon of Athens, 2013-06-05 07:50:03
Last Monday I checked out what traveling “Old 59” by bike would be like now that new 59 is complete. I went from the KU campus to the Ottawa Depot in preparation for a century ride ending in Humboldt.

In Lawrence I headed down Wakarusa. Leaving town requires a couple of jogs to the left and right, but it gets you all the way to N 1000 rd. without any major hills. A short jaunt to the east at this point gets you to Old 59 without having to travel on new 59.

Once on the old highway, it is perfect for cyclists. I spent over 40 miles to Ottawa and back and was passed (quite hospitably) by 6 cars. The only major climb was the first rise up to Pleasant Grove. While long, it’s not the toughest grade in the area.

Once I got close to Ottawa, the highway ends or rather splits. The road does not connect to the offramp from New 59 to Old 59 into Ottawa. Rather than jumping the barbed wire fence and going the 100 yards through the weeds to connect, I turned at Shawnee Road to connect to Eisenhower Road that runs into Ottawa. After the bridge over the railyards, this turns left to becomes Wilson Street. A right turn on Locust gets you to the Depot to start your PST adventure.

Total milage from KU campus to the Depot: 28 miles. Travel Time: about 2 hours.

Well worth investigating for Lawrence riders.

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