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Recently, both of my cyclometers went dead on the PSRT. For a moment I felt lost without them. I don’t use a GPS or GPS-app. But then I remembered I knew these country roads from an earlier study. Thus, I knew were I was the whole time. Here’s a north-to-south list of the road crossings on the PSRT and SWT. These names can also be seen on this site’s maps.

From north to south, the country road names are in descending alphanumeric order unless they have a proper name, e.g., John Brown, Rock Creek, or Scipio. Yet, the town/village streets often are in ascending order.

Town of Ottawa (starting at the Old Depot Museum in the north end of town)
West Tecumseh Street
Bridge over the Marais des Cygnes River (businesses on Main Street one-block east)
1st thru 4th Streets via Walnut Street (runs North/South)
7th – 11th Streets
13th Street
15th Street
17th Street (second trailhead 1-1/2 blocks south of 17th Street)
23rd Street
Path under I-35
Kingman Road
Bridges over Rock Creek
Rock Creek Road
Jackson Road
Haskell Road
Hamilton Road

Village of Princeton
John Brown Road or Green Street
High Street (trailhead)
Prince Street (business)
Finney Terrace (unmarked pathway, becomes a street one-block further west)
Bridge over Middle Creek
Ellis Terrace
Missouri Road (N/S-crossover)
Douglas Road
Cloud Road
Clark Road
Butler Road/Terrace

Town Richmond
East Central Street (business)
East South Street (trailhead)
Tunnel under Hwy-59 and Allen or NW 2500 Road
Small bridge over the Scipio Branch Creek
Scipio or 2350 Road (St Bonifice Church and Cemetery 1/2-mile east)
Wooden Bridge over the Mud Branch Creek
Wooden Bridge over the Pottawatomie Creek
2100 Road (rocky pathway)

Town of Garnett
No-name road (new) from NW Lake Road to the elementary school on Hwy-59
East Park Road or Route-31 (flashing lights)
East 1st through 7th Avenues (railroad tracks; trailhead; business square)
East 13th Avenue
Bridge over Hwy-59 or Maple Street
NW 1500 Road (farm pathway here, becomes a road three blocks further west)
NW Mitchell Road
NW Missouri Road (N/S-crossover)
West 1300 Road (approximate halfway point for the combined PSRT/SWT)

Village of Welda
SW Main Street
SW 1000 Road (business; trailhead)
SW Maryland Road (N/S)
Tunnel under Hwy-169
SW 900 Road
SW 800 Road
SW Kentucky Road (N/S-crossover)
SW 700 Road
SW 600 Road
SW Iowa Road (N/S-crossover)
SW 500 Road
SW 400 Road

Town of Colony
East 1st Street (trailhead)
East Broad Street (business)
Bridge over East Mulberry Street
SW 200 Road
SW 100 or Wyoming Road
Tunnel under Hwy-169
West Virginia Road
Utah Road

Village of Carlyle
Texas Road (trailhead)
Bridge over Deer Creek and the crossroads of South Dakota and 1600 Street
No-name gravel road from 1600 Street to large farmyard just west of trail
Rhode Island Road

Town of Iola
Oregon Road
West Miller Road
North State Street (N/S-crossover; business; trailhead in small park)
West Lincoln Road
West Street
West Madison Avenue or Route-54 (more business)
West Bruner Street
Park Avenue or West Vine Street (entrance to Riverside Park)

The Southwind Rail Trail begins on the south side of Riverside Park
Nebraska Road
Trestle bridge over Elm Creek
Pass under Old Hwy-169 or Mississippi Road viaduct
Massachusetts Road (covered shelter)
1300 Street (N/S-crossover)
Maryland Road
Iowa Road
Idaho Road
Hawaii Road or Route-224 (end of the trail; parking only)

Town of Humboldt (Hawaii Road west to 10th Street or the 9th-8th Streets ‘Y’; then south to Bridge Street or the town-square)
Franklin Street
Oak Street
Amos Street
Elm Street
Charles Street
Neosho Street
Central Street
Osage Street
Bridge Street (business)

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