Timon of Athens, 2011-06-24 10:35:33
I am going to construct a database of landmarks seen while riding the trail, since going from landmark to landmark tends to make the ride seem shorter. Well, to me at least.

What landmarks do you look for and where are they?

Example: 2 Bridges and resting bench (Also Blackberry tree, yum.) MM63.4

Once I have enough of these I will set up a printable page.


kretzmeier, 2011-06-24 23:06:26
I always enjoy seeing the cooling pond/lake on the west a couple of miles north of Welda. Of course antennas and water towers are always welcome sights. The round house south of Princeton and the crossover road nearby are memorable. The shale and rock formations on what I call the “High Country” several miles north of Welda are neat. (Sorry I don’t recall the milespost. Milepost 84 is easy to remember and it tells the rider he/she is just south of the Garnett/Hwy 59 overpass. The close proximity of the lake to the trail south of Garnett offers the rider an aroma of waters of fishing. The ethanol plant has the aroma of a commercial bakery at times. That single tree to the west on the hill in the mile south of Colony stands out as a reminder “Hi Point”, the name captured by July Colony Rodeos of days long ago. The race track at Garnett brings a reminder of the small riot years ago that was partially responsible for the end of the annual auto race there. The John Brown Road at Princeton always causes me to think history. I better stop and hold off until I can think of something good.
Timon of Athens, 2011-06-25 17:31:16
I got one!

Where the pavements starts (heading south) to go under the highway between Colony and Carlyle. MM 102

kretzmeier, 2011-06-25 21:27:42
I’ll keep adding and you can toss out the chaff. There is one Russian Olive tree alongside the trail and in the spring around Memorial Day it smells so sweet. It is on the west side of the trail just North of Miller Road between mile 108 and 107. East of the trail south of Welda the white gas monitors is a reminder of the commercial underground natural gas storage field located there. I guess you have to store it somewhere! Walnut trees are in a number of places on the trail. One such place is just north of the Deer Creek/South Dakota Road bridge close to marker 105.
kretzmeier, 2011-07-03 18:39:37
This weekend’s ride for me adds a couple of landmark items and clarifies a couple. The lake/pond north of Welda and to the west is near milepost 90. The round house and crossover road is exactly at milepost 70. The hilltop with native shale rock at 1300 Rd is at milepost 88.

Now for a landmark with sound, there has been an oilwell pumpjack that has been squeeking for three years. It is east of the trail at a stop sign near mile post 97.

Finally my favorite, if there is a strong wind, coupled with the uphill grade traveling south from Welda to Colony can be a real challenge. There is no cover to break the wind at milepost 94 and for several miles each way the trail parallels HWY 169. I now call this area the 94th parallel.

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