my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-10-23 04:13:28
Guys (TofA especially):

Sorry that this is slightly off-topic, but myself being “one of our own” I thought I’d share this writeup with you.

You guys may remember that I’ve been working for a while to lose weight & get myself in shape to do the full Katy Trail in about 4-5 days. Well, I finally did accomplish that (4 days, Clinton to Machens) from October 10th-13th.

I brought back tons of pictures to document the journey along with the writeup. I’m posting the ride report on my blog as four individual days/posts.

Here’s my writeup for day one:

Katy Trail 2012, Day One (Clinton to Boonville)

I’ll be posting the other days shortly.

I know a number of folks here have mentioned the Katy – if anyone would like to chime in with their experiences I love reading that stuff 🙂

Timon of Athens, 2012-10-23 09:58:25

I am completely jealous. This is the first year in several I haven’t gotten a Katy ride in. Looks like you are hitting all the good spots (although I’d have a hard time missing Becky’s Burgers and Cones in Pilot Grove).

All your pictures are great at bringing back a ton of memories for me. I have just sworn to myself that I will get in a trip next year. ( I am also planning a complete FHNT ride, a Wabash Trace ride, a Frisco Highline ride, and of course a PST Century. I should be busy.) Thanks for the blog posts, I look forward to the next ones.


my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-10-23 13:52:19
Thanks TofA. It was definitely an amazing time and we cannot wait to return next year.

When we return next year we are trying to recruit folks who are interested to join us. Depending on your plans, maybe you can join us for the ride! It’d be awesome to meet you.

Took me a while to put together the blog post for day one because it took a while to organize the structure, sync up the pictures from myself and my buddy, etc…but now that I have a process in place I should post the other days pretty quickly.

my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-10-27 20:29:31
Guys I finally posted day two (way more pictures this day than any other day…took a while to work through it all):

Katy Trail 2012, Day Two (Boonville to Jefferson City)

Days 3 & 4 will be along shortly.

my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-10-28 18:20:16
Ok guys, I’ve posted days 3 and 4.

Katy Trail 2012, Day Three (Jefferson City to Washington)
Katy Trail 2012, Day Four (Washington to Machens)

The trip report is now (finally) complete. Time to start planning the next adventure(s)! 🙂

Thanks for having a look.

rebelLT, 2012-10-30 07:57:08
Awesome ride! I had also intended to ride the last week in September. New Trekking bike build wasnt complete by then. Maybe next spring.
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