M P Oliver, 2011-04-05 08:02:55
We managed to ride these days, way short of our mark to get to Iola and back in a weekend. Our first time riders did remarkably well to get to Garnett. Surely there has got to be better accommodations other that the Economy Inn? But it appeared to be the only game in town. And it is what is is. Other than that, it was good. Trail conditions great and clear. The wind played a big factor in both down and back. Picked up wind from the southwest about noon that slowed the group on Saturday. Coming home Sunday made doubletime! Sailboat maneuvers! Cautioned less experienced riders to stay to the left unless meeting someone to avoid being blown off the trail. I lost an earring there around the lake at Garnett and if anyone finds it I would appreciate getting it back, lol. Why I did not take them off who knows? Anyway good and wonderful ride for most in the group. I am grateful this wonderful resource is available. Thank you to all who 15 years ago made this possible and continue to provide this chance to experience God’s glory.
Timon of Athens, 2011-04-06 11:56:22
Glad you had a good ride M P. I am sure that the wind took a lot out of you on this trip. It was brutal that weekend. I have some friends that were out at the same time and their descriptions were not printable on a family website.

There are several other places to stay in Garnett including a B&B. Make sure any concerns you have about the Economy Inn get an airing here in the forums. If people need to look elsewhere, please let us know why.

As for the trail, now seems to be a great time to get out there. Lots of yellow, white and purple are appearing in the trees and will only last a couple of weeks. I hit the trail about this time last spring and the smell from all the flowering trees was amazing.

Anyway, thanks for the report!

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