Poonjabby, 2014-10-27 05:56:14
My wife, her sister and I rode from Ottawa to Richmond 10/25/2014. We parked at the railroad museum just behind Casey’s in Ottawa as usual in the gravel parking lot in back. There was some sort of an Ultra Marathon race going on the same day. The people organizing the event were super friendly the runners were all business but polite. The ride took us 3:30 start to finish we stopped at Keim Bakery for lunch (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

The trail condition was outstanding!

The bikes Specialized Vita with 30MM tires, Specialized Secteur with 30MM tires and a Specialized Allez with 25MM tires all handled the trail no problems with no flat tires.

My sister-in-law forgot her bike shoes and rode her Allez with tennis shoes no problem.

The weather was beautiful although we finished the ride around 1:30PM and it was almost 90 degree’s.

This is the fourth time this year we have ridden Prairie Spirit and for whatever reason this time the gnats were bad. If you’re going to ride the trail in between now and the first heavy freeze I would highly recommend googles or glasses to keep the bugs out of your eyes.

We are planning another ride next weekend from Garnett to Iola on Saturday hope to see you out there.

Happy riding!


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