Timon of Athens, 2011-04-28 15:47:12
But it certainly is for me.

This isn’t a tourist trap or even a park. It’s just a large expanse of natural prairie land. And that’s why I am attracted to it.

The day I stopped here, there was peace. I was able to sit and eat a small lunch beside some flowing water and just listen to the wind in the trees. The county road behind me never had a single car the entire time that I was there. While I knew that Highway 169 was just off to the west, I could neither see or hear it.

For those that haven’t experienced it, the prairie is very different from the field around it. Look for the wild strawberries. While there was no fruit the day I was there, there were plenty of blossoms. The fruit will be tiny, but quite tasty.

M P Oliver, 2011-05-28 05:42:10
Don’t know where you are referring? I would like to see this.
Timon of Athens, 2011-05-28 06:09:46
I basically went down 1000 Road until I found a place to stop. The place I stopped is the picture on the main page for the ACPP. There was a farmhouse across the road behind me.

I just leaned my bike against the fence, jumped it, and sat next to the stream for awhile. It is very much make your own picnic spot.

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