stanamartin, 2013-07-08 12:10:36
We parked at Old Depot and called Ottawa police to give them heads up on our cars parked for the weekend — very nice folks. Took our cell to call us if there were any problems. There were no problems.

Definitely start on the north end at Ottawa if you want to ride the entire trail — it is always easier to ride head-wind on fresh legs and blow home with tail wind. Prevailing wind is ALWAYS from the southwest in the summer heat.

The water was not turned on at the first and third trail head for some reason. Be sure you pack plenty of water.

Café in Colony does not take debit cards — great pie and great burger. Bring cash. Located 1 block east of trail on main street.

The America Best Value Inn is located right beside the trail in Iola, has a swimming pool and all ground floor rooms so you can take your bike inside with you at night.

The Monkey Butt Saloon is also within a block of the trail in Iola and has just the right temperature of beverages (cold!) for the end of a long ride into a head wind. Taking a photo of yourself in front of their sign to share with friends back home is a bonus.

The B&B Café sits between the ABV Inn and the Saloon and has excellent breakfast. Locally owned and patronized by all the locals — you know it HAD to be good food!

Richmond has a great cafe, located about 3 blocks west of trail on main highway, but flat ride and no traffic to speak of. Open Sunday afternoon and came complete with homemade chocolate cake and a cold beverage.

Happy spinning, bike people — and many thanks to those who keep the website running.

Timon of Athens, 2013-07-08 13:05:20
About the water, they are cold weather faucets. You have to hold them for some time before the water comes out.

Are you talking about the Highway Cafe in Richmond? I wasn’t sure if it was open or closed.

Glad you enjoyed your trip.

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