JD_Shawnee, 2012-09-19 16:56:39
Had a nice day of it on the trail. It is in good shape after the summer’s drought and recent rains. The section between Welda and Colony, notorious for being softer than the rest of trail following rains, gave little drag if any.

The larger lakes and farmer’s ponds in the area still hold sufficient water. Yet, several farmers are bulldozing new ones while dozing-out the sentiments from those gone dry. Also, the slews, lagoons, drainage ditches, and catch-all basins along the trail are collecting water again. Yea! Saw minnows in one of them. They’ll probably feed the egrets and herons for a while.

After looking at the north end of the Bassett-Humboldt extension at the Elm Creek bridge, I suspect it will need blade grading plus a roller-packed layer of crushed limestone/fine gravel at a minimum. Don’t think I’ll try to ride it until that’s done even though Bob Hawk’s aerial video of this extension makes it look passable, on You Tube.

Other items.
The Los Mezcaleros in Garnett will reopen soon as the Durango Mexican Restaurant.
Also, the China Restaurant/Buffet there, across the street from the Trade Winds, will reopen later in October after a months vacation.
The CD Diner in Ottawa will reopen soon as the Smoked Creations BBQ.
Also, the Keim Bakery there is also a full-service expresso coffee-shop and diner.

Timon of Athens, 2012-09-20 13:36:13
Sounds like a good ride there JD.

I have ventured (briefly) south of Iola on my Hybrid. It can be some rough going.

I will incorporate your information into the site as I have time. Thanks for the heads-up.


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