my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-04-19 20:38:27
Rode Ottawa to just a little north of Richmond on the trail, then took the cross-road to Highway 59 and back to Ottawa.

Wrote it up here:

Was beautiful to be back on the trail again, it’s been quite some time for me. Greening up beautifully, with several different kinds of flowers, which I wish I could identify but cannot. Saw a rabbit, couple squirrels, the biggest freakin’ dog I have ever seen (no exaggeration) and a cat.

Trail is good and firm, no difficulties on it at all. I’m starting to feel confident I can complete my first Ottawa-Iola-Ottawa trip soon (albeit, spread over two days, i.e. Ottawa-Iola followed by Iola-Ottawa). For some of you old vets, this is no major deal, but it’s exciting for me.

I saw zero cyclists on the trail, even the paved portion in town. I passed a couple joggers on the paved portion, and on the gravel portion I passed a couple with their dog who were returning to their car maybe midway between Ottawa & Princeton, and a lady jogging northbound just north of the Princeton Trailhead.

Despite the ominous weather it was an incredible day for a PST ride, and I found myself really wishing I hadn’t needed to work earlier today, allowing me to get on the trail much earlier and shoot for a much longer trip. All in good time.

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