rebelLT, 2014-03-19 19:35:36
I am currently in the planning phase of a southeast to northwest tour of Kansas starting at Downstream Casino near Baxter Springs, to Pittsburg, then the Trans Am route to the Prairie Spirit trail to Ottawa and the Flint Hills Nature Trail (or as much as I can ride of the trail westbound). Anyone have any suggestions or contacts beyond that point? I am pretty much open to suggestions. I am wanting to exit Kansas on highway 27 near Bird City, Kansas. I am thinking about linking up with the original Trans Am or maybe head north of I-70 then west bound. Anybody done any of this? Any Suggestions?
Timon of Athens, 2014-03-25 13:56:56
Right now there is a pretty big gap in the Flint Hills Nature Trail in between Ottawa and just past Pomona. I have ridden highway 68 but it is not for the faint of heart. Tiny shoulders and medium traffic. However, if you turn off on South Stubbs road you should cross the trail in rideable conditions. From there you should be able to get to Council Grove. There is a big chunk in the middle that is rideable, but not finished.

Good luck with your planning. For good routes you might want to search for some of Bike Across Kansas’s old routes. They should point you to rideable asphalt.

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