my_bicycle_saved_me, 2012-04-01 05:21:22
So (assuming none of us has actually ridden the full trail yet this season), are there any plans anyone has to bike the full trail this season? If so when?

My story is described in a previous thread. I was (still am) quite overweight and started cycling to help lose weight & get in shape. I set a goal to bike the Katy Trail by 11/30 and the PS Trail by 6/30. My plan is to bike the full trail from Ottawa (my hometown) to Iola; stay the night in Iola; bike back the next day.

I still don’t have a firm date in mind to do this (I need to get in better shape yet; I couldn’t do this today just by deciding to do it) but I’m thinking possibly around the third week in May or MAYBE Memorial Day weekend (28th).

Anyone else have near-term PST plans in mind?

JD_Shawnee, 2012-04-02 04:29:02
Good plan.

You have the right idea about getting into shape. That along with weight loss might come slower than hoped for. But it does happen. Ones body toughens up within big-time. Also, once into bicycling shape, you don’t lose it fast. In short, not riding for a while won’t hurt you. Thus your June date is well within reason.

Personally I’ve had a weak winter routine this year. But my 20-mile back-of-the-house with-hill rides are getting me into trail shape rather quickly. Because I seldom do overnighters, I mostly do day rides on the PST and similar trails when I can get away for them. Your two-day PST plan will work okay. It will allow you to enjoy the nature there.

At this point you’ll probably want to accomplish the ride itself. You can try for speed records later. 🙂 Enjoy.

rebelLT, 2012-04-08 19:42:57
Good to have goals. Just ride at your own pace and enjoy. I myself just got the cast removed from a broken leg and am back to ground zero. Did eight miles on the commuter bike today. Felt good to be on the bike again. Hope to be doing twenty five miles by next week. Fifty by the end of the month. The key is to stop and enjoy the ride. That’s why I like rail trails. I can ride all day at my own pace, stopping to see things along the way.
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