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2016 Prairie Spirit Trail Challenge: August

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NBC-OneMonthLeftAfter four months of the 2016 Prairie Spirit Trail Challenge, our communities have ridden over 19,000 miles. Here are the standings at the end of August:

  1. Iola: 96 riders, 13,212 miles (+5163)
  2. Humboldt: 27 riders, 3,858 miles (+3224)
  3. Garnett: 4 riders, 1871 miles (+342)
  4. Ottawa: 16 riders, 335 miles (+0)
  5. Colony: 0 riders
  6. Princeton: 0 riders
  7. Richmond: 0 riders
  8. Welda: 0 riders

The big news this month was Humboldt: they finally got into gear and put in a huge month! Iola kept on riding steadily, while Garnett logged a few, Ottawa stalled out entirely, and the remainder of the communities are still stuck at zero.

There’s only one more month left in the Challenge, so ride, ride, ride! Log those miles in the National Bike Challenge at NationalBikeChallenge.org!

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